Historic Photographs

Differences between the full length G98 (top) and K98a carbine (bottom): 

Both were issued to German troops during WWI.

Germany adopted the Gewehr 98 in 1898. It was a powerful and accurate rifle with a long range and durability that were second to none. 

It served as the basis for the K98a which was often issued to stormtroopers during WWI, as well as the K98k, M1903, M1917 and myriad other bolt action rifles.

Origin:                             Imperial Germany

Military Service:                   1898 - 1935

Wars:                               WWI, multiple civil wars and rebellions

Cartridge:                          8MM Mauser

Action:                             Bolt Action

Magazine:                           5 Round Internal Magazine

Significance: The most effective bolt action of its era, the 98 Mauser action was extensively copied and served as the basis for the American M1903, M1917 Enfield among countless other rifles.

Gewehr 98